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Full specifications

  • It is an adapter for doing setting change and data log(Telemetry) etc of Jarvis on the color touch panel equipped with Futaba transmitter 【7PX ・ 7XC】. The setting menu is same as TAO II.
    It corresponds also to the fastest response mode which is the feature of 7PX ・ 7XC.

    [How to connect]
    Use the Link Cable (50 mm) soldered to this adapter, and the RX Cable (100 mm) attached to the Jarvis Link terminal to the S.BUS port of S.BUS compatible Futaba receiver. Because RX cable can be separated, simple and flexible layout is possible by exchanging with our option cable (50 mm ・ 200 mm) with different cable length.
    Even if there is a break wire or electrification failure in any chance, you can easily repair by replacing the cable.

    ※ 7PX ・ 7XC transmitter has no setting data storage function.
    By using TAO II together, it is possible to save and manage setting data and use various preset data.

    In order to use this product, in addition to XARVIS, Futaba transmitter [7PX ・ 7XC] and receiver [R334SBS], each firmware rewrite is necessary.
    Please refer to Futaba's website for updating the transmitter and receiver.

    With the Futaba receiver [R334SBS], the telemetry function can not be used in SR mode.
    When using the telemetry function, change the response mode to normal mode.

    ※ S.BUS is a proprietary communication standard developed by Futaba Electronics Industries, Ltd.


For the RX cable 100 mm connecting this product to the receiver, various optional RX cables can also be used.
The Link cable (50 mm) connecting this product to XARVIS has been soldered.