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OD2250 XEX Carbon Chassis Kit/XEX, XEX Vspec., XEX spec.R/Red



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For all XEX series! All new sharp and racy look!
A combination of aluminum and carbon hybrid chassis!!
Introducing a carbon chassis kit, usable for all the XEX series. A kit to replace the XEX genuine space frame with a double deck chassis made with the combination of aluminum and carbon. While keeping the modular structure of XEX, the replacement of the main frame in the center into double deck creates low center gravity and smooth chassis rolls, which makes your chassis controllable with high traction performance. Tough aluminum braces are used in the joint area to connect the carbon plate and the front and rear units and holding them together tightly. The standard layout of the battery mount is short LiPo in horizontal position however, either long (standard size) or short (2S size) or low profile short (1S size) in both horizontal and vertical positions are feasible. (The center mount must be removed when long battery is placed in vertical position.) 2.4mm thick matt black carbon is used for both main and upper chassis for chic looks. The aluminum servo mount, comes as the standard equipment, is applicable for both standard and low profile servos. Available in 3 colors; purple, red and black. Enjoy the whole new looks and performance of XEX.