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OVERDOSE OD2028 Yaba KING MESH (Mat chrome/OFF+10)


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Full specifications

Debut in the "Yaba KING MESH" RC world! "
"Yaba KING MESH" shocking debut in the super Yaba deep rim, has completely reproduce the wheel of 326POWER insistence in the technology of OVERDOSE. Super depth Do deep rim is realized by the design of OVERDOSE unique that does not have a rib of the wheel back, it has been faithfully reproduced by the bold and delicate design of the mesh shape also elaborate mold fabrication techniques.
Offset + 7mm and + 10mm, color was available: all four types of high chrome and matte chrome. In addition, also released at the same time convenient masking tool when you paint the disk in the original color. Color-coordinated with the body also can enjoy.
※ The photograph, we use high chrome.