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Sanwa SV-PLUS ZERO Built-In Receiver (RX-472)



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Full specifications

●Built-In Receiver (RX-472) 
2.4GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS4)
●Back Cancel 
●Boost Zero Indication
●SSR/SHR/NOR Automatic Recognition & Indication
●8 Programming Mode
・Full Brake Rate
・Neutral Brake Rate
・Drive Feel
・Neutral Brake Feel
・Brake Feel
・Boost Timing (Advanced Timing)
・Power Mode
●SSL function
●Meet the requirements of the regulation "boost off"
*Checked by connection to TH Channel & LED Blue Light Flashing




Nominal Input Voltage


Rated Current


Voltage drop   Dimensions


Total Weight


●Maximum Motor Power Value 
  Reduction of loss resistance and control efficiency upgrade the control of temperature increase 
  and basic functions so much.
●Multi-Protection System
  Protection against low voltage, sensor cable trouble, motor lock, overheat of body
  overheat of motor (*1)     *1; Compatible only with built-in temperature sensor motor
●Direct Copper Designed Terminal
  Direct connection of power wire save the loss at most.
●Compatibility with Multi-Battery
  Cut-Off Voltage setting enables compatibility with multi-battery.