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Full specifications

Full specifications

 DC quick charger and tire true Ah, etc. optimal stabilized power supply to, Yokomo power supply 25A is now released!Corresponds to AC100V ~ 240V input, supply a stable output of 12V25A, and enables stable operation of the equipment. The housing top is equipped with a terminal that can directly connect the Yokomo YZ-114DUO using the plug supplied, by omitting the wiring code has become to be able to clean and tidy the pit table. The output voltage on the main display, output current, and display the outside temperature. In addition, equipped with a general-purpose USB output connector, it can be used as a power source such as a variety of electronic devices and desk light.


Connect YZ-114DUO DC rapid charging and discharging device directly, it is possible to adjust the compact charging environment.


Equipment and output connector of the two systems in the housing right, general-purpose USB output connector the (5.0V / 1.0A). In addition to the battery charge also, it can be used in a variety of applications.


Input voltage AC100 ~ 240V
Output voltage DC12.0A
Output current 25.0A
Other specifications Liquid crystal display (voltage, current, outside temperature display) 
cooling fan equipped with 
USB output equipment (5.0V / 1.0A)
Accessories AC cable 
YZ-114DUO connection for plug