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Yokomo Charger YZ-114DUO


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Full specifications

Full specifications

High-end DC fast charger YZ114DUO had started to ship to the world wide customers, this charger is capable of simultaneously charging on two channels at the same time. Ch1 is rated up to a maximum of 20A, while Ch2 is rated up to 5A. Discharging is rated at 10A(on Ch1 only). Features a balance charging function, as well as graphical touch panel display.

Input voltage: DC10V-15V, reverse polarity protected

Input current:CH1 0.1A-20A(0.1A step) 250W max, CH2 0.1A- 6A (0.1A step) 50W max

Discharge current: Max 10A(ch1)

DC Power Input Voltage: External 11-15V DC Power supply

LCD:  21 line, 8 character, light black/blue backlit, touched panel

Size: 16cm x 18cm x 6cm