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Yokomo Y2-YD2SC YD-2S PLUS Conversion


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Full specifications

It is a conversion kit to change YD - 2, YD - 2 Plus, YD - 2 EX to high mount motor specifications. Raise the center of gravity around the rear than the YD - 2 series with low motor position, induce rolls even on low grip road surface, and it will be a structure to enhance the rear grip. In addition, by changing the main chassis to a single deck style, the stiffness balance of pitching and rolling is changed. By suppressing the stuck on the front and keeping it in your eyes, we are improving the operability even under low grip conditions. 
Although the basic composition is a graphite chassis specification like YD - 2 S plus, please note that the standard aluminum SLF shock and aluminum front shock tower are not included with YD - 2 S plus.