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D-170Y Standard Drift Spring Fai1.2 × 9.5 Turn (Yellow)


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Full specifications

 To achieve a supple suspension that are indispensable to drift, Long type of spring .. In overall length 32mm which is set the data on the basis of the obtained actual running of the various circuits, in addition to the general equal pitch spring five in the series, even irregular pitch "type, which allows for finer settings The four will lineup. 
 unequal-length spring is different parts of the pitch are mixed in a single spring, while compensated by winding a fine part of the small vibration absorption and mild initial reaction, firmly in the rough part is when there is a large roll To weight are receiving, and to contribute to the traction improvement, it has become a product that combines the contradictory properties. such as setting width by combining the pitch spring is greatly enlarged, it is possible to obtain an operation tailored to each of the drift style . spring length it will be longer than the standard kit spring, aluminum spring cup for a long spring (D-064 ● 580) recommended for use with.

Isometric spring hardness table Standard Spring Chart
D-170G Standard Spring (Green) Φ1.3 × 9.5 Volume isometric spring (Green)
D-170Y Standard Spring (Yellow) Φ1.2 × 9.5 Volume isometric spring (yellow)
D-170P Standard Spring (Pink) Φ1.2 × 10.5 Volume isometric spring (Pink)
D-170BK Standard Spring (Black) Φ1.1 × 9.5 Volume isometric spring (black)


Standard Spring (Blue) Φ1.1 × 10.5 Volume isometric spring (Blue)
Unequal-length spring hardness table Progressive Spring Chart
D-170G Progressive Spring (Green) Φ1.3 × 9.5 Volume unequal-length spring (Green)
D-170Y Progressive Spring (Yellow) Φ1.2 × 9.5 Volume unequal-length spring (yellow)
D-170P Progressive Spring (Pink) Φ1.2 × 10.5 Volume unequal-length spring (Pink)


Progressive Spring (Blue) Φ1.1 × 10.5 Volume unequal-length spring (Blue)