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DL029 Real-Dori Setting Gear Ver.1 10T


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Finally completed repeating development and testing over the years in one year! ! 

Front one-way dedicated ※ D-Like style! ! ※ I made ​​is thoroughly stuck to the shape and precision and weight. D-Like style to determine the realistic movement ※! And to have a weight to the ring gear in order to put out the two-dimensional motion in three-dimensional motion rendition of Doripake it has been put out the width of using representation of the movement of the gyro effect. ※ It is for the front. It becomes the differential [Ver1 / 1.7 Ver.2 / 1.55 Ver.3 / 1.42]. ※ It becomes super-expert-only parts. Please buy only if you are confident in the knowledge and arms.Please use sure to grease up ※. D-Like Please use the silent grease or molybdenum-based grease is a style that expresses the sense of weight, speed sense of realism by controlling induce dare load movement of the vehicle body. D-Like we made ​​for those of who can sympathize with style!