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OVERDOSE OD1154b High-performance shock oil # 15


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Ltd. # 25 and # 15 have been newly set RC car dedicated shock oil that has jointly developed with Wako Chemical to "OD high-performance shock oil". It will be additional configuration in the form to respond to the voice of the user that want a more delicate setup, obtained a big advantage that does not allow the follow-up of other companies. By having an attenuation characteristic which rises linearly with respect to [Main Features] piston speed, it is possible to support a wide range of driving and road conditions. · Because it is a low friction compared to the silicon oil, providing the movement of shock extremely smooth even in very low speed range. · By raise to the same level as silicon oil viscosity change with respect to temperature change, it is possible to ensure the damping characteristics and stable at all times. And volume expansion rate in the cylinder is low, you can get the attenuation characteristics always stable over longer periods of time. • You can maintain the condition of constant over the long-term aggression oil seal to the (X-ring or the like) is low, because little swelling.