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OVERDOSE OD2300 Vacula Ⅱ RWD Chassis Kit/Purple


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Full specifications

The 2nd chapter of Vacula Ⅱ. All new RWD spec “Vacula Ⅱ”
Introducing the new chassis kit for Vacula Ⅱ On top of the simple and sleek aspects of the original design, we have added some edgy mechanical touch to the chassis. The RWD drive train creates the realistic drift performance. Vacula Ⅱ with all new chassis is now available.NOTE: This product is a chassis kit, which does not include any of the following: radio sets, steeling servos, speed controllers, motors, batteries, body, tires, wheels, spur gear, and pinion gears.

Applied RWD specific bulk head design for the front suspension unit. The single structured upper arm mount increases the stiffness of the whole upper arm. Supports the complex movements of RWD front tires.

Applied a slide rack for the steering unit. Same as XEX spec R, the combination of the suspension arm and the steering knuckle makes smooth handling possible when in sharp turns. Provides the ideal ackerman ratio and steering angle setting for RWD.

Distinctively designed center drive unit. The single structured look alike design creates the chicness. The motor mounting position is the same as the original Vacula chassis.

Floating mount shock tower makes the rear unit distinctive. The step adjustment structure allows the most ideal upper arm positioning. The ball diff is applied with 39T for diff pulley, 12T for the center pulley. The second drive ratio is set as 3.25,creating wider range between the first and the final drive ratios in order to handle the wide variety of track layout.

Bevel cuttings are applied to the main and upper chassis to create sharp and steric image.