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Yokomo YD-2Z RWD Drift Car (Plastic chassis kit)


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Full specifications

YD-2 has undergone a major evolution and is now available! The brand new machine bearing the name of "Z", which can be said to be the final form, is equipped with a new 3-split transmission case on the shape-up main chassis and will start as a new standard machine!

A new integrated bulkhead is used around the front to improve the left-right balance of the steering and improve operability. The new upper deck is compatible with slide racks as standard in the kit, and steering characteristics suitable for various situations can be obtained with minimal changes.

The gear case of the 3-gear transmission has also been newly designed, and the maintainability has been greatly improved by dividing it into three parts. Since you can access the differential simply by removing the cap on the rear side, you can easily handle even ball differentials that are frequently maintained. In addition, the motor position can be selected from 13 stages by rotating the motor mount, making it easy to obtain the balance of the center of gravity according to the road surface from low mount to high mount. With 3 gears, the throttle response is outstanding, and combined with the rear traction produced by the supple main chassis, it demonstrates higher combat power than you can imagine!

The integrated bulkhead and new upper deck can be installed as a slide rack as standard in the kit.

Achieves 13 steps of motor position selection around the top shaft. You can choose the center of gravity setting according to the road surface condition.

The 3-gear transmission case is a 3-split type, and you can easily access the differential by removing the rear cap.


*The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries, pinion gear, and other R/C electrics.