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Full specifications

Item Specifics

  • Material:Lexan
  • Protective Film:Yes
  • Pre-drilled Holes:No
  • Clear Body:1 Set
  • Windows Mask:1 Set
  • Length:459.2mm
  • Front Width:203mm
  • Rear Width:205mm
  • Height:136.2mm
  • Wheelbase:257mm

Product Description

Toyota Supra MK5 (A90) LBWK

Rc Arlos introducing the LBWK Works J29/DB Toyota, mainly marketed as Toyota GR Supra, is the fifth-generation of the Supra, a sports car produced by Toyota since 2019. Sold under Gazoo Racing (GR) branding, it replaced the previous model, A80, which stopped production in 2002. The GR Supra was developed in collaboration with BMW and shares a platform with the G29 BMW Z4. Initially, BMW considered using a pre-existing platform of their own to underpin the new Supra, to which chief engineer Tada-san declined. The new Supra (and BMW Z4) ride on a new jointly-developed sports car architecture by Toyota and BMW with an ultra-short wheelbase and an ultra wide track.

The fifth-generation Supra uses BMW model code conventions, designated as a J29 series with DB model codes. However, Toyota used the "A90" and "A91" code for promotional and marketing materials for the fifth generation Supra to maintain continuity from previous Supra generations. Separate front & rear bumpers, fenders kits.

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