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SHOW UP / Vpearl Color

Universal Color by Silica Flake

English operation manual

◆ An unprecedented revolutionary pearl pigment with multiple colors. There are 4 colors in the lineup.
◆ It is artificially synthesized using titanium, achieving a uniform thickness.
◆ Because it is an artificially synthesized base material (silica flakes), there are no trace impurities compared to conventional pearl pigments, and it does not have the yellowness that is unique to pearls.
◆ 3-coat finish with base color (Real Black or Air White), VPEARLS, and clear.
◆ Color matching is easy when repairing paint.
◆ The mini bottle series is perfect for small items such as cell phones or as a focal point!

Vpearls mini bottles
, 180g each

V Pearl x Soul Gray Base

V Pearl SUP00 Gold main. Green and champagne pink colors.

V Pearl SUP01 Purple main. Lime green and silver colors.

V Pearl SUP02 Silver main color. Lime green and purple colors.

V Pearl SUP03 is mainly green. Champagne gold and purple colors.

V Pearl x Air White Base

V Pearl SUP00 Orange main. Champagne pink and gold colors.

V Pearl SUP01 White main color with violet and green colors.

V Pearl SUP02 White main. Champagne pink and blue green colors.

V Pearl SUP03 White main. Champagne pink and green colors.


Only DHL Express Worldwide for 60 € can be used to transport SHOW UP colors. This applies to the EU and the world. The price of transport depends on the weight of the order and the transport destination. The price will always be calculated on the basis of this information only when picking up the shipment before sending. We will contact you subsequently and inform you about the arrears or the return of the shipping payment.

Pro Českou republiku je možno odeslat SHOW UP barvy pouze skrze PPL.

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Vpearl Color SUP00 SUP-00-MCB Thin to 1:1-1,5
SHOW UP- Vpearl SUP00 micro bottle (15ml)

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Vpearl Color SUP01 SUP-01-MCB Thin to 1:1-1,5
SHOW UP- Vpearl SUP01 micro bottle (15ml)

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Vpearl Color SUP02 SUP-02-MCB Thin to 1:1-1,5
SHOW UP- Vpearl SUP02 micro bottle (15ml)

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Vpearl Color SUP03 SUP-03-MCB Thin to 1:1-1,5
SHOW UP- Vpearl SUP03 micro bottle (15ml)

our price € 9.3 (241.8 Kč)

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