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Full specifications

Ne-St is compatible with XARVIS firmware version 2.0 or later (Update procedure)
* Since the XARVIS firmware before Ne-St release is Ver.1.0 including "Edition 2",
update will be necessary.

In an effort to provide an answer to the ones saying “I do not know how to change the settings," or "I can not find the best setting", we created a device that will facilitate the use of the ESC’s capabilities, the "Ne-St (nest)".
This product is a new sensory program controller which can transfer the setting data acquired by the top driver by accumulating tests of the XARVIS (Jarvis) with simple button operation.
Of course, possible settings change on the XARVIS main unit can be done more easily by intuitive operation with the Ne-St button while checking the indicator LED at hand

The setting data is acquired for many categories and road surface conditions.
For data transfer, simply connect the XARVIS and Ne-St's LINK terminal with the supplied RX cable.
Feel free to carry around with a strap hole, easy to grasp stick type palm-sized compact body.
Easy and simple button operation.

Even those who are new to the system can enjoy high-level settings with expert drivers.

Installation mode

Ne-St has the following two types of modes.

≪Manual mode≫

Setting mode similar to the operation of the SET button of XARVIS main unit, this mode lets you change the XARVIS setting by operating the Ne-St button while checking the indicator LED.
Depending on the installed position of XARVIS on the vehicle, it may be difficult to operate the SET button. If Ne-St is used, remote setting by wired connection becomes possible.

≪Professional Mode≫

It is a write-only mode that transfers the setting data acquired by Ne-St to the XARVIS.

About setting data

We will add / update setting data of the Ne-St at any time.
As with previous products, you can enjoy the latest setting data with the update device kit (OP-87052) and a simple update of Ne-St main body by WINDOWS PC.

Also, by switching Ne-St to manual mode after transferring the setting data, it is also possible to adjust each item to a value that fits your own usage environment based on the transferred setting data.
* Values that can be set in manual mode are limited. If you use
TAO II (Tao Second) you can adjust all the items, you can enjoy more variety setting.


How to update setting data (Update method of Ne-St)

Please refer this for the update of the setting data that pre-set by Ne-St (method of Ne-St updating).

Confirm the contents of the setting data acquired in Ne-St

The setting data to be acquired will be updated by updating Ne-St.
First of all, check the version of Ne-St main body by the following method, check with the setting data list (PDF) of each version listed below, and set up on your Ne-St.
It is convenient to save the PDF data on a smartphone etc. so that you can see it when using Ne-St.

In this list, items that can be set in the Ne-St manual mode (XARVIS ESC mode) are released.
For other detailed contents, please transfer the setting data to XARVIS in Ne-St's professional mode, then use TAO II's preview function for confirmation.

【How to check the version of the Ne-St main unit】 (Please see the Ne-St's instruction manual for details.)
① Switch the operation mode of Ne-St to professional mode.
② When the digital window is off and you press and hold the select button ▼, the current Ne - St version is displayed in the digital window.

Ne-St Ver.02 Acquisition setting data overview

Setting data of each expert driver is acquired in Ne-St Ver.02.

Data number 01 02 03 04
driver SOBAYA President 
Chin Pirano ☆
Home area Kanto Kanto Kanto Kansai
category Drift 
2 Drive
4 Drive
2 Drive
2 Drive
Road surface P tile P tile P tile concrete
Road grip Low Low Low High
Number of
motor turns
10.5T 10.5T 17.5T 10.5T
Data number 05 06 07 08
driver Ito
H.RC Staff
Take-C Take-C Shin G
Home area Hokkaido Tohoku Tohoku Hokuriku
category Drift 
2 Drive
2 Drive
4 Drive
4 Drive
Road surface concrete asphalt asphalt asphalt
Road grip Low During ~ During ~ Low
Number of
motor turns
10.5T 13.5T 10.5T 10.5T
Data number 09 10 11 12
driver Kuma-chan Happy RADIO GAGA 
Home area Tokai Kanto Hokuriku Hokuriku
category Drift 
2 Drive
2 Drive
grip Offroad 
2 Drives
Road surface asphalt P tile asphalt dirt
Road grip Slightly high Low High High
Number of
motor turns
9.5T 13.5T 17.5T 8.5T
Data number 13 14 15 16
driver Takizawa
T's Racing 
T's Racing 
Setting Data of
R.C.D.C. 2017
Setting Data of
R.C.D.C. 2017
Home area Hokkaido Hokkaido Kanto Kanto
category grip Off Road 
4 Drives
Drift 4 Drive Drift 4 Drive
Road surface carpet carpet carpet carpet
Road grip High High High High
Number of
motor turns
17.5T 6.5T 10.5T 9.5T
For each setting item (only items that can be changed in XARVIS ESC mode),
please check "【Ver.02】 setting data list" below.
In addition, since we also post comments and advice from each expert driver, please have a look.
To access the data list page, the ID / password included in Ne - St is required.
Please click on the link below and enter ID / password in the form to be displayed