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D-017 Aluminum Front Chassis Brace for Drift Package



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It is a front chassis brace while increasing significantly pitching stiffness of the chassis front part, leaving flexibility in the roll direction. By changing the balance of chassis rigidity, while raising the steering response of the initial cornering, I draw a sense of stability in a flexible role. Appearance of the chassis will change significantly in the preferred, bright blue anodized as a dress-up item of course. Please use the one that comes with the kit for mounting screws. Clearance between the steering crank will be slightly larger, but there is no hindrance to traveling.Please try to eliminate so if you can across about 0.5mm thick spacer shims of 4.0mm (ZC-S40 ? 380) Those who rattling worried about. The rigidity of the mounting post is enhanced by using in combination aluminum steering bell crank post of selling options (SD-202P ? 550), steering response even further improvement can be expected.