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DL100 SOUND-MEISTER EVOL Chassis Kit (1st anniversary edition)


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Full specifications

Gear Sound installing! ! 

Gear system mounted to an image of unique gear sound of the dog mission! ! 
From beginners to those experts, the real thrill from in the low-speed range drift of "Enjoying the accelerator in the sound" that you can! Wide-angle steering turning angle specification ● assembled a completed ● equipped with front one-way standard ● Full ball bearing specifications ● adjustable oil damper ● Universal shaft before and after ● adjustable turnbuckle ● rotational difference between the pulley and belt 2 pattern standard equipment before and after (1: 1.6 and 1: 1.8 two specifications will be included) ● drive belt Center layout because there is no difference between the left and right movement that occurs accelerator ON / OFF at the time is by placing the front belt and Riaberuto in the center of the vehicle, towards the expert from beginner until you can enjoy a straightforward control performance. [※ things necessary to the running] requires a transmitter-receiver amp motor servo battery charger Body tire wheel.