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DL158 Hopping Bone Universal Shaft LONG 49 - 57mm


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Full specifications

Automatic adjustment formula in the 49mm ~ 57mm! 
Automatic adjustment formula in 43mm ~ 51mm! ! For MST · YOKOMOetc.2φ pin axle ※ hardening already in and ensure the strength! ! ※ underbody of stress! ! The positive foot specification! ! In RWD car traction UP! ! ※ rotation of the shaft is stable in the counterweight effect! ! ※ is unnecessary troublesome dog bone changes at the time of the tread adjustment! ! ※ always for us to absorb the Tameashi around the backlash that tension is applied to the rotating shaft by the built-in spring tensioner! ! King pin angle and the driving of the foot around wearing a alignment change, etc. trail amount I will tell to "firmly Smooth"! ! Anyway, since the transmitted way of movement and power around the front is smooth, smooth of the front is the work wonders in important Ketsukaki vehicle. I think that it made ​​to the by removing not gem If you used once because certainly trial please I. It is recommended for those who are attached, especially King pin angle and trail! !