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DL460 3.5 Shock damper set L



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Full specifications

Optional damper set for Re-R HYBRID.

This is the [L] type.

☆ ★ Suggested conclusion ★ ☆
● Smoothness from initial operation!
● Long maintenance cycle!
● Stable damping force!
● Wide range of setting!

The shaft diameter becomes thicker than the standard one.
● When a load is applied from the side, the ground is large with a gentle radius and dispersed over a wide range
. film remaining easy oil while
for oil film is maintained between the shaft and O-ring,
intrusion protection and dust of the O-ring is suppressed.
The seal inside the cylinder is easily maintained.

[Set Contents]
[DL256C] Shock Cap
[DL256D] Shock Diaphragm
[DL256H] Shock Ball End / Spring Cup
[DL256N] Shock Adjustment Color / O-Ring Cup
[DL256P] Shock Piston 8 Hole
[DL293W] Front Spring
[DL451] 3.5 Shock Body L (Hard anodized specification)
[DL452] 5 × 2 × 1.7mm E clip
[DL454] 3.5 Shock Shaft L (Titanium Coated)
[DL456] 3.5 Shaft Guide
[DL457] 3.5 X Ring for Shock Damper
[DL458] 3 × 5 × 0.2mm