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DL500 WeightShift-MEISTER Re-R HYBRID Chassis Kit


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Full specifications

Re-R HYBRID (Earl E. Earl hybrid) 

D-Like is continue to seek realistic machine "movement" and "sense of control"! ! 
"Re-R" in aggregate cultivated experience and data, not caught in the radio control of the concept dedicated chassis is finally debut "for the drift" in the "Favorite drift"! ! 
Rush without any insatiable pursuit of the road that blurred the normal evolution of the "Re-R" 
rush to further heights in the drift-only chassis! ! 

excellent representation of the load movement of the left and right that came was back and forth determined by the Re-R, is intact freon and midship layout of every motor side, the rear of the drive is a linear accelerator the re attractions such as the FR vehicle control to be able to shaft drive! ! 
The reception is a natural drive transmission feeling in the belt drive! ! 
Easily finely can be changed before and after the drive ratio in the pulley exchange! ! 

★ high rigidity Silver chassis! ! 

★ aluminum parts standard full-featured! ! 
(Front and rear lower arm / front and rear knuckle / front and rear shock stays / aluminum damper / rear solid axle front one-way / before and after the bulk head / steering unit / servo mount / spur gear holder / battery mount / front upper arm / front upper suspension mounts) 

★ front one-way standard equipped 

★ full ball bearing specifications 

★ adjustable oil damper 

★ before and after universal shaft 

★ adjustable turn buckle 

★ high rigidity Silver carbon chassis 

[separate what you need to travel] 
transmitter-receiver amp motor servo battery charger Body is required. 

※ like to have the battery / motor / servo / tires used in the image is not attached.