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DL504 Re-R HYBRID ver.Bronze with Black Chassis



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Full specifications

Re-R HYBRID ver. Polar's new color appeared! ! 

The aluminum part is a bronze color sticking to luxury and astringency! ! 
The chassis is pure black carbon! ! 

※ Specifications other than color will be the same as Re-R HYBRID ver. Pole. 

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<< ver. Polar >>
We reviewed everything from the factory production line from the beginning, accuracy and quality improved. 
◆ Main gear shaft housing added
· High output compatible. 
· Improved feeling by stable drive transmission due to improved accuracy of the rotating shaft. 
◆ Front knuckle shape
addedminor change· service hole of bearing. 
◆ Change spur gear holder mounting screw size
·Changeold M3 screw → new M4 screw. 
Improved drive transmission. 
◆ Addition of protector to center drive shaft joint
· Improvement of drive transmission efficiency

DRIFT seeking real 【Normal evolution! ! 】

Re-R HYBRID (RR Earl Hybrid)

"Movement" and "control feeling" of a real machine that D - Like continues to demand! ! 
Aggregated the experience and data cultivated in "Re-R", the debut finally chassis for "drift" for "drift like" finally debuted without being caught in the concept of radio control! ! 
Never evolve without getting tired of going through the pursuit path "Re-R" normal evolution Challenge the 
drift chassis to further height! ! 

Excellent expression of load movements in front, back, left and right obtained with Re-R, the flon and mid-ship layout in the horizontal position of the motor remain unchanged, the rear drive is linear with accelerator like linear accelerator and linear Shaft drive that can be controlled! ! 
Natural drive transmission feeling with belt drive at the front! ! 
It is possible to change the front / rear driving ratio finely and easily by exchanging the pulley! ! 

★ High rigidity silver chassis! ! 

★ Aluminum parts standard full equipment! ! 
(Front / rear lower arm / front / rear knuckle / front / rear damper stay / aluminum damper / rear solid axle / front one-way / front and rear bulkhead / steering unit / servo mount / spur gear holder / battery mount / front upper arm / front upper suspension mount) 

★ front one- Equipment 

★ Full Ball Bearing Specification 

★ Adjustable Oil Damper 

★ Front and Rear Universal Shaft 

★ Adjustable Turn Buckle 

★ High Rigidity Silver Carbon Chassis 

【Separately Required Items for Traveling】
Transmitter · Receiver · Amplifier · Motor · Servo · Battery · Charger · Body is required. 

* Batteries / motors / servos / tires used in images are not included.