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EASYMADE Infinity Qfifty (Q50)



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Full specifications

ITEM All new RC Body Shell 1/10 scale model analog of Infinity Q Fifty (Q50) Clear body ITEM DETAILS

  1. Condition: Brand New in plastic bag. This is a hand made / home made item.
  2. Fits: Almost all 1/10 on road chassis such as tamia mst Yokoma and etc.
  3. Dimensions: Wide — 195-198 mm. Wheelbase — 257 mm.
  4. Material: 0,75mm thick policarbonate Lexan with protective film.
  5. Include/ Kit : bodyshell, front/rear lightbuckets, custom rear lights, ducktail, 2 diffusers and light bucket for it , fuel tank immitation, rear window spoiler and immitation of parcel shelf with a stop signal in it.
  6. Package: plastic bag + carton box.