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OVERDOSE OD1152b High-performance shock oil # 20


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Co., Ltd. is a RC car dedicated shock oil was co-developed with Wako Chemical. Many of the performance required for the RC car is the ultimate shock absorber oil are balanced at a high level. By having a damping characteristic that rises linearly with respect to [Main Features] piston speed, it is possible to accommodate a wide range of road conditions and driving. Silicon for oil is a low friction compared to, you can achieve the movement of extremely smooth shock even in very low speed range. - Viscosity change with respect to temperature changes By pulling up silicon oil equivalent level, it is possible to secure constantly stable damping characteristics. · Because of the low volume expansion rate in the cylinder, so that you can always obtain a stable damping characteristics for a long time of use. Oil seal (X ring, etc.) low aggression to, you can maintain a constant condition and over a long period of time because the swelling is also small.