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OVERDOSE OD1160 POM Shock Piston Set


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Shock piston simultaneous release of high-precision Machining. It is a shock piston corresponding to the cylinder Tamiya TRF dampers, Yokomo DRB & DIB damper, etc. inner diameter Φ10. Reduce the frictional resistance by adopting a fluorine resin materials. With that you have to minimize the clearance of the piston and cylinder by a high-precision Machining, it is possible to obtain a reliable attenuation characteristics. It is the shock piston essential in order to exert 100% the performance of the high-performance shock oil above. ※ It corresponds to the shock cylinder bore Φ10mm, of the shaft diameter Φ3mm, but there is a thing that can not be used in some cases. Please note. Each 2 pieces φ0.6x2 hole, φ0.7x2 hole, φ0.8x2 hole, blank