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VOLTEX to release a high-quality aero parts committed to aerodynamics, we OVERDOSE was decided to expand the acquired aero parts VOLTEX series for RC car a formal license of VOLTEX. As its first series is attached to Weld FR-S, and release the GT Wing Type-7, which was adopted quickly Swan neck type! The second edition followed and this also released the GT Wing Type-5, which is also used in Weld hundred equation participation 號機 & four 號機. Of course both that it is designed to pursue the reality is, by making the angle adjustment function and the end plate in the bracket part separate from (two included), and has enabled the arrangement to suit the body. VOLTEX with logo decal, which is also a real testament. Type-5 is supplied Hi, the Low 2 types of wing stay. In addition, Wing stay mounting position can also be selected from two locations of narrow and wide. It is possible to correspond to the various models of the body in conjunction with interchangeable end plate. Adopt a stealth type the stay mounting screw is not visible to further wing upper surface. Is a gem that is involved in styling and realism.