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OVERDOSE OD1638b Real Body Catch Set


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Since its introduction at the Tokyo Hobby Show 2014, is the real body catch that received a lot of inquiries finally appeared.While reproduce the hood catch that is the tuning car classic items in vehicle in real, given also the original function of mounting and fixing the body, it is body mount insistence was achieve both look and function. Mounting Attach the base to the body side, and easy installation of only the chassis side covered with a body mount cap with a hook to the body post.Holes necessary to attach the base to the body so φ7mm, it is also available in the body that is already a hole for the body mount. 2 bottles for the front. With conversion body post the mounting direction is 90 ° change can be. ※ 1. Mounting angle of the body, there are times when it can not be installed by the inclination angle of the bonnet (mounting surface). ※ 2. Body mount cap is compatible with φ6mm body post.