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OVERDOSE OD1701 Divall Chassis Kit (Red)


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Using Center Motor & Center Battery lay out with shaft drive chassis.
Front and rear center drive shaft turned opposite direction in order to prevent reversed torque. Innovative idea and downside of shaft drive chassis is no longer!! As many people like direct drive feel of RC drift chassis but used to compromise the handling. With OVERDOSE Divall, you can enjoy both shaft driven chassis direct drive feeling as well as perfect balanced handling like belt driven chassis.OVERDOSE innovative Bevel Gear lay out in order to minimize reversed torque and perfect balance. Bevel gears are made out of steel. Front Ball Diff. and Rear Rigid. Gear Ratio: Front 40T/15T, Rear 38T/19T. F&R Ratio is 1.3 .Newly designed F&R Gear Case. F&R Upper Bulkhead using aluminum. For rear end, there are 3 positions for upper arm.Using long spun Suspension Arm same as Vacula. Can be used with Vacula A Arm Suspension.
This is Chassis Kit Only. It does NOT come with:
Radio Gears or any electrics (Servo, ESC, Motor, Battery)
Spur Gears
Pinion Gears