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OVERDOSE OD2001 Aluminum Gear Case Set (For Divall/Blue)


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Full specifications

New color of blue in aluminum gear case for Divall, we added gold, silver, pink. It is a guide in 7 color according to the Doripake for OD concept aluminum bulkhead set of simultaneous release. Gear case is dressed with high precision aluminum cutting, not only allows an accurate backlash adjustment is possible to maintain the condition for a long time. Also, the configuration from that case rigidity is less damage to the greatly improved gear in the backlash of the loose than normal in that, to spread the adjustment range of the backlash by expanding the dimension between the bearing of the differential lateral band did. It is possible to finish in light drive system with no loss than ever before. ※ shim, please be prepared separately. The color was available: blue, purple, red, gold, silver, pink, seven kinds of black.