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OVERDOSE OD2100 XEX Chassis Kit


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Full specifications

3rd eye and it is full kit of OVERDOSE "XEX / Zekurosu" has finally appeared! The main chassis, is adopted unique space frame ever. It is both lightweight and high rigidity, and succeeded in obtaining an accurate drift control and high traction performance. The front, rear, and by adopting a modular structure, which is divided in the center, to achieve compatibility excellent maintenance and settings. Front and rear suspension is fixed to a rigid member frame that is not affected by the chassis roll. Accordingly, to suppress the alignment variation during running, it is allowing accurate drift control. Rear drive unit of the new design, adopted high-precision gear drive. The drive loss has become a very light drive system minimized. In addition, you can change the number of teeth of the counter gear (optional setting) by the idle gear and movable. Thus, it is now possible to finely broad set of rear drive ratio than ever.


  • Size: 1/10 scale
  • Wheelbase: 255mm-265mm
  • Drive System: Shaft 4WD
  • Damper: Oil Damper
  • Bearing: Full Ball Bearings
  • Camber: +5 to -15 degrees

Package does not include wheels, tires, body, battery, electronics and radio.