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Full specifications

For all the belt drive fans!Introducing XEX Vspec.!!
Introducing XEX Belt Drive version chassis kit "XEX Vspec.". 

Although it hasn't been long since XEX came out, we have already received many requests for this kit from the belt drive fans. 
We have left the rear gear drive unit as is for unlimited drive ratio adjustability, and applied the belt drive to the front unit. 
Comparing to the sharpness of the shaft drive, the belt drive provides smoothness and efficiency, which enhances XEX’s performance ability. 

As the standard equipment, we have chosen the same ball differential (39T pully) as Vacula for the front, and 16T aluminum pully for the center, which is also same as Vacula, to make 1.22 front and rear drive ratio to minimize the effect on the impacts from the road and other conditions and to keep the machine stable