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OVERDOSE OD2200 XEX spec.R chassis kit


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RWD drift chassis kit is finally here! XEX spec.R roll out! ! It is the emergence of XEX spec.R of RWD specification. Until now it requires expensive conversion kits and suspension parts, also RWD drift setting know-how was needed to combine them. XEX spec.R to recommend to you that are hesitant and ... I want to do RWD drift traveling at a vehicle like a full counter, easy suspension geometry to run as a RWD drift machine, enough cut in the required while giving the corner has become a steering system that becomes the optimal Ackerman ratio over a wide area, it is designed only as RWD drift becomes possible to assemble the kit manual street. Drive system, a combination of 27T counter gear and the rigid axle is a similar to the XEX of AWD specification, but the feeling to control the tail slide amount of the accelerator work of XEX unique excellent in the grip performance of the rear tire is just like control a vehicle you can experience the sensation. ※ This product is a chassis kit. Radio set, steering servo, gyro, speed controller, motor, battery, body, tires, wheels, spur gears, pinion gear please purchase separately because it does not come.