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QT-110801 QTEQ Power Banana Plug



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Full specifications

 QTEQ Power Banana (2 pcs) 
"QTEQ Power Banana", 4mm banana plug for electrical RC car batteries
achieves maximum energy loss reduction.
This solid multi-contact banana plug combines the advantages of both solid and multilam type bananas plugs.
   Extremely low resistance:
  It consists of 6 contacts of resilient copper alloy and each contact has two contact points.
  The twelve contact points--three times more than those of existing solid type banana plugs--
     reduce contact resistance to one third.
  In addition, contact resistance is reduced as a result of the high contact pressure
     facilitated by the use of the resilient copper alloy.
  Specially formed pocket on its head reduces excessive solder volume
     which interferes with the path of electrical current.
  The plug, coated with 24k gold plating of contact point grade, reduces contact resistance
     due to the extreme malleability of the pure gold used, thus enabling an almost integral fit
     between the surfaces of the plug and battery socket.
   High reliability:
  Featuring twelve contact points equal to the multilam type, high contact pressure,
     and 24k plating with little deterioration, the “Power Banana” maintains constant
     and continuous contact.
   Low head type:
  Head height is about 2mm.
   Convenient pocket:
  It has a pocket on the head which enables a lead wire to be soldered   in the most appropriate
   Long life: