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Full specifications

 QTEQ Power Terminal 
A QTEQ Advancement
Enhanced balance between electrical conductivity and maintainability
Our in-house innovation, the QTEQ Power Terminal is 
a screw-fastening-type power connection system intended for competitions.
“S” and “LRP” versions are added to the QTEQ Power Terminal lineups.
Short type "S"
The Newly released QTEQ Power Terminal “S” is a device side part which features a short and narrow design made of high resilient copper alloy.

The “S” can be soldered to TAMIYA TBLM-015, HOBBY WING XeRUN, LRP SXX based motors, ESCs having the same parts with LRP SXX based motors and HOBBY WING XeRUN based ESCs without any modifications.

Packages of three and five sets are available.


The “LRP” is applicable for LRP Vector motor and other motors having the same shape as the LRP Vector motor.

The device side part, “LRP” fits perfectly to the shape of the cable contacts of the LRP VECTOR motor.

The “S” and “LRP” use the M2x8 CAP screw to fasten the unit.

(Please note the length of the CAP screw.)


The “F” having a flat soldered segment is dedicated to BL motors with L-shaped contacts such as TORION Method3, REEDY Sonic, NOVAK Ballistic, and REVTECH.

The flat face of our originally designed device side F part conforms to the L-shaped contact and can be soldered to perfectly fit to it.


The “L” is applicable for both BL motors with contacts having holes and ESCs with over 3mm diameter solder holes and solder terminals with over 5mm distances between the holes.

A space of over 7mm will be needed below the neck of the QTEQ Power Terminal device side part “L” once it is mounted.

(Please refer to the photo on the below right as it is an important point.)

Both the “F” and “L” use the M2x10 CAP screw to fasten the unit.

(Please note the length of the CAP screw.)


 Properly using the various QTEQ Power Terminals can both effectively replace and/or 
   share the power systems among multiple RC cars.

 While the QTEQ Power Terminal features advantages of both directly soldered power systems
   and connectors, it also resolves the disadvantages of both, reducing RC car maintenance time
   and labor without sacrificing RC car performance.

 Finishing : 24k gold plating of contact point grade.


   Electrical conductivity comparable to that of directly soldered power systems:  Unlike conventional connectors, the newly devised tapered shape of the QTEQ Power
    Terminal and the fastening ability of a cap screw achieve electrical conductivity comparable to
    that of directly soldered power connection systems.   Easy mounting and dismounting:  Once the QTEQ Power Terminal is soldered to a motor, an ESC (the “L” and “S” are
    applicable), or a cable, the unit with the QTEQ Power Terminal is easily mounted and
    dismounted with a 1.5mm hex driver.   Negligible additional unfavorable tension and heat stress caused by repetitive
     soldering for a motor circuit board and an ESC circuit board once they are mounted
     unlike conventional connectors:  As the installation and removal of the QTEQ Power Terminal can be done 
    without forcibly putting the cables into the devices or pulling the cables back out --
    no bending or twisting of the circuit boards occurs. As a result the life of circuit
    boards is significantly prolonged.
    Inasmuch as, cables get stiff or worn out by repeated direct soldering,
    when a QTEQ Power Terminal is installed, the life of the cables becomes longer as well.
  In addition, once the QTEQ Power Terminal is mounted, no additional soldering work is needed.
    Consequently circuit boards are not being exposed to heat stress caused by soldering
    thus extending their life as well as ESCs.
  Conventional connectors have identical features. However, the electrical conductivity
    of the QTEQ Power Terminal is comparable to directly soldered power systems. 
    And as such exhibits a big difference between the QTEQ Power Terminal and
    conventional connectors.
   Time and labor saving:  Less time and work are needed for connecting and disconnecting cables
    once the QTEQ Power Terminal is installed.
  The QTEQ Power Terminal avoids significant work when mounting and dismounting
    a motor or an ESC (the “L” and “S” are applicable).
  And, of course, it ensures enormous benefits if the QTEQ Power Terminal is installed
    just to the motor side.   More opportunities to try various machine settings:  Mounting the QTEQ Power Terminal to both the motor and the ESC (the “L” and “S”
    are applicable) will ease replacement of power systems and
    the sharing of power systems among multiple RC cars.   Reduced stress when performing maintenance:  Soldering and removing solder requires careful and meticulous work.
    However, the QTEQ Power Terminal requires no additional soldering
    or solder removal once it is installed.   Easy and better cable layout and orderly appearance


A total of five parts to a set.
This is a universal part for the QTEQ Power Terminal device side "L", "F", "S" and "LRP" components.
The twelve gauge cable can be soldered straight and at an angle.
Made of high tensile copper alloy with 24k gold plating of contact point grade.