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SP-BLLHD ZERO Brushless steering servo for DRIFT (Low profile size)


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Full specifications

 A high-end brushless servo for drift is newly introduced Laser engraving aluminum case with high heat dissipation into a dedicated design to enhance the atmosphere of drift. Of course, it is a high spec that fully supports high-load drift running as performance, brushless driving motor which is the essential part of steering servo, improved both function and durability at the same time. Then, the internal gear that transmits the drive, and the final gear are all made of the full Titan, and even though it is super lightweight, the wear of the gear is also prevented, and the basic performance of the motor is told without exceeding it. The case that holds the gear inside is unexpectedly made with ultra-high precision full ali, the gear meshing precision is outstanding. Heat sink effect which is characteristic of aluminum enhances heat dissipation. 
 Noteworthy compatibility with Yokomo made steering gyroscope which automatically supports countersteering when installing in RWD drift car which users are increasing drastically recently. Hunting (erroneous operation) phenomenon which becomes one of big troubles at the time of installing a gyro is hard to occur, many reports have been reported that hunting does not come out just by exchanging from other servo to the ZERO brushless series. Of course, you can take advantage of excellent steering holding power in AWD, driving with a high sense of stability is possible. 
 Price is set reasonably more than before, It is a gem that you can recommend to every drift driver from beginners to experts.

■ use voltage 6.0 ~ 7.4V ... 
■ speed 0.07 Sec ... / 60 (6.0V) 0.06 Sec / 60 (7.4V) 
■ torque 12.6 Kg · ...... Cm (6.0V) 15.0 Kg · Cm (7.2V) 
■ size ......... 41 x 20 x 25.3 mm 
■ Weight ....... 52.0 g 
■ Case ...... Aluminum 
■ Gear ... ... ... Titanium