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Sanwa MX-6 Radio + RX-391W Waterproof Receiver



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Full specifications

New MX-6 3-channel FH-E entry-level radio system. The transmitter uses a compact and lightweight case that houses an LCD screen and the new FH-E frequency hopping transmitting system for glitch-free operation. Standard features include dual rate, end point adjustment, exponential, anti-lock brakes, trim, sub trim, reverse and ten model memory including model name. The radio set includes the waterproof RX-391W receiver.



·         Weight saving compact body

·         New Transmission System "FH-E"



·         Display Model Name on LCD

·         Dual Rate (D/R)

·         End Point Adjustment (EPA)

·         Exponential (EXP)

·         Anti Lock Brake (ALB)

·         Trim (TRM)

·         Model Memory [10 Model] (MODEL)

·         Sub-Trim (SUB-T)

·         Reverse (REV)

·         Model Name (NAME)

·         Voltage Monitor (BATT)