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TS-2150 BD8/YD-2 Team Suzuki Brass Suspention Mount B (43.5~46.7mm)


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Full specifications

Suspension holder for Team Suzuki YD-2 and BD8 series. The shape is equivalent to a genuine suspension mount made by Yokomo, but the material is made of brass to increase the weight and serve as an item to help adjust the machine's weight balance. Each suspension holder weighs about 7.4 g more than a genuine aluminum suspension mount.

Generally speaking, the weight increase to match the race regulation, it is common to attach a steel or lead weight separately, but because there are few mounting locations for modern slimmer machines, this suspension holder By using different materials, it is possible to save space and lower the center of gravity. 
When simply mounted as a weight, it is mounted on the front rear side and rear front side to achieve concentration of heavy objects, but it is also possible to change the pitching movement by intentionally mounting it on the front front side and rear rear side It is effective as a setting. As with the genuine product, the width between Suspin can be finely set by replacing the five supplied adapters.