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Y2-008RAS YD-2/YD-4 Aluminum Adjustable Rear Short "H" arm set


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Full specifications

By shortening the suspension arm more than the conventional rear lower suspension arm, the traction performance around the rear is enhanced, enabling stable drift travel at deeper angles. 
By adopting aluminum as the material of the arm, compared to resin parts, rigidity, accuracy and weight can be greatly improved. 
You can enjoy a higher level of drifting driving with controllable grip improvement and linear operation feeling that are important in drifting driving. 
Since the adjustment spacer etc. is also set, it can be replaced by bolt-on, and the detailed setting according to the road surface condition to run is possible in a short time. 
In particular, it is an essential part for users active in the pension scene. 
In addition, the H arm body is made of bevel edged aluminum, so you can enjoy the finest luxury and ownership. 
※ Y2-301D2 / Y2-301E2 aluminum rear suspension mount and B8-301BS resin bush are required to install this product.