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Y2-202SRE YD-2E series Curved Steering Slide Rack/Bulkhead


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A slide rack type steering / bulk headset that further enhances the cornering level of the YD-2E series. 
The slide rack adopts a roundly (curved) shape derived from repeated test runs. The interference of the tie rod at the maximum turning angle, which was a linear negative point, is eliminated, and high controllability is possible even at a deep drift angle, allowing extra travel. In addition, by mounting the slide rack body forward-tilted, changes in the angle of the tie rod with respect to the horizontal plane during steering operation are suppressed, and stable cornering characteristics are achieved over the entire turning angle. 
The slide rack made of aluminum is treated with hard anodizing to enhance wear resistance and features a smooth operation that is held by six bearings. Since the bearing posts are eccentric cams, the steering rattle is reduced to the utmost, which is effective in significantly improving direct feeling and suppressing hunting.