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Y2-415CP YD-2 Front and Rear Brake Disc/Caliper Set


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Full specifications

 A set of dummy brake discs and calipers that can be used commonly to all YD-2 series vehicles. The brake disc is integrated with the wheel mounting hex hub and, of course, rotates with the wheel. The hub thickness is also 5.5mm, 6.5mm, and 8.0mm, so it comes in three types, so the tread width and the scrub radius can be adjusted freely. On the other hand, the gun meta collar brake caliper is fixed on the front and rear knuckles, so it looks like a real car while driving. The brake disc and caliper from the gap of the wheel pulls the foot of the machine sharply. 
 The set also includes a resin steering block and a rear hub carrier, but with the calipers being easy to install, they are shaped to the latest settings. The steering block sets the optimum trail and king pin angle with reference to the structure of the vehicle, and while improving the look during counter steering, the steering response is also improved. The steering stopper and tie rod mounting position are also modified to the latest specifications, and the action when raising the corner angle is finished smoothly. In the rear hub carrier, the installation position of the upper arm has been expanded, and the setting range of the roll center and the change of the ground camber has been increased, and the setting that actively utilizes the roll is possible. Especially on road surfaces with low grip such as P tiles, the upper arm mounting position is maintained high to maintain the ground contact area when the chassis is rolled, and secure grip in the lateral direction to achieve aggressive travel .