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Y2-415SA YD-2 Front SP Steering Block (Adjustable King Pin )



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A variable king pin angle steering block that incorporates more variations into the YD-2's steering characteristics. The base of the steering block and the upper arm mounting part are divided, and the kingpin angle is changed by the amount of the spacer to be held, making the best use of the characteristics of the A arm suspension to bring about camber change similar to that of a real vehicle when steering. Generally, in the case of drifting, the tire on the outside of the corner changes to a positive camber and the tire on the inside changes to a negative, but this camber change, that is, the change in the area of ​​the contact surface and the contact pressure change You will be able to change the grip and response of the 
The product body is made of black anodized aluminum with beveled edge processing, so rigidity and accuracy are enhanced compared to pure resin. As the weight increases, the feeling of touch on the ground also increases, so the front's trace feeling also changes. Furthermore, by attaching an optional weight set (Y2-415SA3 • 1,580), it is possible to further enhance the feeling of grounding.

Product contents 
Steering block Base Left and right x 1 
steering block adapter x 2 
steering block spacer 0.5 mm x 2 
steering block spacer 1.0 mm x 2 
BH screw 3 x 10 mm x 4