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Y2-REM Rear ESC mount set for YD-2


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ESC mount set that can change the weight balance of the chassis by installing ESC in the rear overhang and can greatly increase the rear traction. The effect is particularly high on low-grip surfaces, and the load on the rear tires at the corner exit is overwhelming! It is possible to get a feeling of acceleration that leaves other cars behind. In addition, mounting the ESC on the rear reduces the weight of the front, making it easier to prevent front tire catching and oversteer.
A hybrid structure that uses a carbon mounting plate for an aluminum stay. When the machine is maintained, the ESC can be removed together with the mounting plate, enabling quick maintenance. The aluminum stay can be fixed at 2 points on the damper stay or fixed at 4 points to be connected to the rear bumper, so the rigidity around the rear related to the forward grip can be adjusted. Can be installed on all YD-2 series cars.

* When the rear A-arm conversion for Y2-RAC YD-2 is installed, it cannot be used together because the ESC mount base interferes with the shock tower. Please note.