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  • Chevalier series improves motor torque and MPG by momental charge and discharge. We evolved "Chevalier boost" corresponding to the transformation more in high current. It cope with a surge to be generated at the time of an electric current and a run at a moment at the time of the use of Boost/Turbo. It balance Large-capacity and low resistance, reduce time lag at a moment at the time of the throttle operation and show an extremely high effect in all speed area. In addition, it is effective for heat generation of ESC, motor and battery.

Dimension = 29mm(W) x 23mm(D) x 8mm(H) (The cable and protection part are excluded.)


  • A structure that is totally different from previous capacitors. Amazing momentary large current charge/discharge capacity compensates for drops in battery voltage.
  • Virtually no internal deterioration due to charging and discharging (Theoretically semi-permanent use)
  • High-density silicon cable for leads provides high efficiency and shock resistance.
  • Though most capacitors are round, the small rectangular shape of the Chevalier makes it easier to mount it in between RC mechanisms or a greater degree of layout freedom.