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Chevalier RAIZ is the next-generation capacitor which realized optimization of the battery performance by original technology [A.S.M.S.] first at the Chevalier series.

[A.S.M.S.] reduces unevenness of the output with solid differences and battery cell and is a function developed for the purpose of getting stable power feel by equalizing the output every cell more.

It fix the voltage descent pace of each cell and reduce deflection of the load, and only some cells reduce the electric discharge phenomenon that the voltage falls to too much near a cut off operating voltage.

Of course it succeeds to high efficiency, high power properties as the Chevalier series.

It investigates 2 concepts "Large-capacity" "low resistance" and suppresses the heat generation of motor battery, ESC and draws each ability to the maximum. Thereby it realized more powerful and natural response feeling at over all speed area.

Regardless of brush or brushless, (having use of boost/turbo or not), it is a progressive capacitor that showing a high effect in every category.

Dimension = 30mm(W) x 17mm(D) x 8mm(H) /10g  (The cable and protection part are excluded.)