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ACUVANCE Chevalier Trace


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Chevalier with a reputation for high efficiency and high power characteristics. This is the first device for receivers in the series.
Of course, we inherit "big capacity" "low resistance" which is the biggest feature of the same series.
Just by connecting this product to the empty port of the receiver improves the power supply capability from the receiver to the servo ・ gyro etc.

Solder work is absolutely unnecessary.


【Main features】

・Increase the grounding feel of the vehicle. It improves posture holding during cornering and stability when coming out of the corner.
・Steering will respond more directly to the signal from the gyro.
・・It is more effective in time up in the racing category, and even when you are going chasing under drifting. 

【How to connect】

Plug in this device the empty port of the receiver. (Solder work is absolutely unnecessary.)
(The negative side will be a black cable, please note the orientation of the plug in because there is no effect if you reverse connection.)
※By installing the conventional Chevalier series in conjunction with ESC, voltage is more stable and high effect is demonstrated. 


As the power supply from the receiver is stabilized by installing this product, the sensitivity of the gyro may be higher than before installation of this product.
In that case we recommend that you lower the gain value of gyro slightly.