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Tomáš Viktora
Vazová 2498
68801 Uherský Brod
phone: +420 776 343 333
Czech Republic






Cross Games Europe was here in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. CGE will be again in the Czech Republic after a 3-year break and of course with the participation of the Japanese team Weld, including the participation of two riders in the race.

We will be a part of this event:

Organizer: Tomáš "Viki" Viktora -

Judges: Atsushi Ito

            Petr Šťastný

Narrator: Martin Krpata

Date: 28.October 2023   10am-6pm

         29.October 2023   10am-5pm

Place: PVA Letňany, Prague, Czech Republic

Competition tires: Overdose VALINO PARGEA 08C 26mm OD2790 in front and rear axle.

Track surface: Black Marmoleum

The maximum number of riders is 100.

Entry fee: 99€ / 2300,-Kč

As part of the entrance fee you have one entrance to the exhibition, place at the table including a chair, access to electricity and set of 4 pieces of Overdose Valino Pergea 08C 26mm OD2790.

Basic rules:
-Commonly available drift chassis in 1:10 scale with 4 wheels
-Normally available Lexan body.
-Lipo 2S 7.4V or NiMH 6 cells.
-SAFEBAG is required.

Registration begins July 1, 2023 - 00.00 !!! NO EARLIER !!!
For your registration, send an email to

Please specify the following in your registration email:

1) Name and surname
2) Country:
3) Team- If you drive in some:
4) Are you minor and need an extra ticket for entry to exhibition grounds?

5) Payment method: Bank transfer or paypal

6) Will you be interested if a common dinner is organized on Saturday, October 28? YES or NO

7) Will you be interested if the go -karts are organized on Saturday, October 28?  YES or NO

Once we receive your registration email, we will issue an invoice for your registration fee. Your name will be entered on the list of registered riders when the registration fee is paid.

Registered competitors have the possibility to cancel their participation no later than September 30, 2023. After this date, the registration fee will not be refunded.

More information will be gradually added ...



Registered drivers:

1) Ryo Ishii______________Japan__________Team WELD

2) Take-C_______________Japan___________Team WELD

3) Robert Tobiasson_______Sweden_________Västkusten Rc

4) Alberto Bonavita________Italy___________Modena Drift Park

5) Peter Mikuš___________Slovakia

6) Attila Csikós__________Hungary__________Smokeless RC Drift Crew

7) Davey Zoutenbier______Netherlands_______Kmua-d by Rhinomax

8) Simen Gulbrandsen_____Norway__________Team ReveD / Team ROY

9) Sondre Gulbrandsen___Norway__________Team ROY

10) Stian Ottosen________Norway__________Team ROY

11) Dennis Bjune________Norway__________Shakotan Brigade

12) Sebastian Thorley____United Kingdom____Tonisport, Doribrothers

13) Andreas Kleeb_______Switzerland_______Drift Palace Team

14) Remo Speckert______Switzerland_______Drift Palace Team & Team ReveD Switzerland

15) Pascal Bieri_________Switzerland_______Drift Palace Team & Team ReveD Switzerland

16) Vít Pfeffer___________Czechia_________RC drift Klatovy

17) Jiří Pfeffer___________Czechia_________RC drift Klatovy

18) Dominik Halma_______Czechia_________TakTrochenDrift

19) Michael Vater_________Czechia_________Floating Crew

20) Petr Vondrus_________Czechia_________Floating Crew

21) Dominik Csikós_______Hungary________Smokeless RC Drift Crew

22) David Buček_________Czechia_________BEXAC Racing Team

23) Miloš Musil__________Czechia_________TakTrochenDrift

24) Luděk Odstčil________Czechia_________YEDA Racing Team

25) Martin Čáslava_______Czechia_________YEDA Racing Team

26) Peder Balerado_______Sweden________Team SQRD RC

27) Attila Kováts_________Hungary_______Distance DRIFT CREW

28) Jan Vítovec__________Czechia________Pilsen Sideways

29) Jan Šidik____________Czechia________YEDA Racing Team

30) Václav Jireš__________Czechia________Floating Crew HK

31) Jiří Mikulík___________Czechia________YEDA Racing Team / Team WELD

32) Thomas Busatto_______Italy__________Venice RC Drift

33) Robert Sterner_______Sweden________Team SQRD RC

34) Lorenzo Costantini ______Italy________Noisebear Squad

35) Rok Stopar__________Germany_______Team Doribrothers

36) Alessandro Bisanti_____Italy

37) Francesco Bertoldi_____Italy__________Venice Rc Drift

38) Kristoffer Hansson____Sweden________Team Ds Racing, Västkusten Rc

39) Patrik Mrázek________Czechia________RCDRIFT.DK

40) James Simpson____United Kingdom____Team WELD / PACE

41) Zdeněk Petlák_______Czechia________TakTrochenDrift

42) Henrik Majoros_______Hungary

43) György Ali__________Hungary

44) Martin Šrédl________Czechia________YEDA Racing Team / Team WELD

45) Christian Řezníček___Czechia________Sanwa&Mibosport

46) Mario Zugasti________Spain________Team Ds Racing

47) Jorge Hernández Ortiz__Spain

48) Fernando Ortiz_______Spain________Zero drift track

49) Gabriel Ortiz_________Spain________Zero drift track

50) Petr Křídlo_________Czechia_______NRCG team

51) Jerome Weirauch___Germany______RC Drift Fourtwenny

52) Sam Burton________England______FPS

53) David Mathaus______Czechia______Driftdays champions

54) Daniel Harrison_____United Kingdom___Team Ratrap rc

55) Scott Hill__________United Kingdom___Team ronin drifters /ronin drift lounge

56) Simon Finnegan ____United Kingdom___ronin drift

57) Ashton Potter______United Kingdom____Ratrap rc

58) Kyle Harper_______England_________TEAM NRD

59) Sam Brown_______United Kingdom_____Team Ronin Drifters / Ronin Drift Lounge 

60) Gareth Hemingway__United Kingdom____Team Ratrap rc

61) Miloslav Kos________Czechia

62) Zdeněk Flajsar______Czechia_________TakTrochenDrift

63) Filip Wingrowicz______Poland_________SDP

64) Damian Maciejewski___Poland_________SDP

65) Adrian Cwalina_______Poland_________SDP

66) Tomasz Kapusta______Poland_________SDP

67) Petr Folvarčný_______Czechia

68) Michał Wolniewicz_____Poland_________SDP

69) Andrzej Romaniak_____Poland_________SDP

70) Marek Rutkowski______Poland_________SDP

71) Artur Kowalczyk_______Poland_________SDP

72) Nazar Zavalnii________Ukraine________PandaWorX/ScaleDrift UK

73) Mateusz Zimoń________Poland

74) Joerie Kroes________Netherlands______RWD-Freaks