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OVERDOSE OD2805 JT Aluminum Direct Servo Horn 25 (Purple/Futaba)



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The first products of OD support driver JUNTA produced !
New essential items for precise and accurate steering control !!

Introduce a new aluminum direct servo horn produced by OD support driver JUNTA. The servo saver function is eliminated, and the movement of the servo is directly transmitted to the front tires. The total length can be adjusted in 7 step adjustment from 16 to 22 mm at a 1 mm pitch. Enables accurate setting and does not change the length during a driving crash. Increasing the servo horn length setting will suppress to effect of servo hunting movement. OD2802-4 is for Sanwa and KO, OD2805-7 is for Futaba. Available in purple, red and black color.
※Since this product does not have a servo saver function, which will be damage to the servo and steering mechanism. Please understanding before using this product.