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OVERDOSE OD2819 TC Aluminum Low Mount Suspension Mount Set(For GALM/Black)



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The second TAKE-C produced products !
Ensuring strong traction performance by improving the roll center height !!

Introduce a new aluminum suspension mount produced by OD support driver TAKE-C. Possible to mount 2.5mm low compared to the existing aluminum suspension mount. The distance between the roll center and the center of gravity can be set wide position without changing the position of the center of gravity, and the rolling force of the chassis can be effectively transmitted to the tires. It is possible to leave an appropriate tire grip even during drifting and greatly improve cornering speed and traction performance at the exit of a turn. The Suspension mount have 43.7mm, 48.2mm, 52.7mm width. Can be set to 3 ° and 6 ° the trailing angle by combining 48.2mm and 52.7mm based on 43.7mm. It is also possible to use it as a wide suspension mount by using the same length front and rear suspension arm. The set include 1 pc of 43.7mm, 48.2mm, 52.7mm. Available in purple, red and black color.
Note 1. This product only fit for OD2770 Matte Flames chassis.
Note 2. The overall width can be expanded by using this product. Readjust overall width with the OD2495-7 Adjustable Aluminum Rear Suspension Arm and the OD2277-9 Adjustable Aluminum Rear Upright.